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Have You Ever...

...thought of hugging someone but couldn't do so 'coz you felt embarassed 'bout it?

When the elevator stopped on the 4th floor and opened, someone was leaning by the door. Her hands crossed with that familiar "mataray" look :) A few minutes earlier, I had that strong urge to just run towards her and give her a big hug. That look made me think twice though hehe. The last time we saw each other was 3 weeks ago but it felt like years had passed. Been busy with work but I promised the princess that I will visit her yesterday by hook or by crook. The good thing was that the "mataray" look only lasted a few seconds and she said "we haven't seen each other in a long time ano?" and then initiated the hug :D Hehe, na miss din pala ako. It was sweet of her to wait for me before eating dinner. Her cooking lesson yesterday was on Greek and Turkish cuisine. In hindsight, 'twas the first time I ate something that she cooked! It was deeelicious! It's a pity that I missed last week's Indian cuisine and last last week's asian cuisine. At any rate, I hope to visit her in the remaining 2 sessions.

P.S. After spending time with the princess yesterday, the stress that had accumulated over the past weeks at work was gone :) Am also looking forward to meet Kuzy soon. That's the name of her dog!
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