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The Surprise Visit at the Office Part II :)

I have always thought that the world conspired to keep us apart. At least, that's what we've experienced for the past 5 years as best friends. The last straw being the Ondoy incident which prevented me from attending her wedding last November in India.

Yesterday was an exception :) It was surreal. The princess was at the reception around 1:30. Was it really her or was I just hallucinating? I still remember vividly how our conversation on the phone ended when she boarded the plane to Canada last January. I never really knew when I was going to have a chance to see her again. The last time we met in person was when she left Sept 2009 for her wedding preparations. Of course, I immediately gave her a big hug :)

I was suppose to be in Sydney by now. April 12 was the first target date. Moved to April 25 and then May 2. Due to the new process in relation to acquiring a visa, we experienced some delays. Hence, am still in Pinas and the new dates are yet to be confirmed. In retrospect, I felt that it was the first time the odds were on our side. As the old cliche goes, lady luck was smiling at us that afternoon. She didn't inform me that she was already in the Philippines since April 14. The reason being that she wanted to pay a little surprise visit :) What made me smile was the effort she put into the visit which made it really special. She forgot where my office was located and had to look for it. Not something she would really do on a normal day :D That's why she's the Princess if you know what I mean!

I immediately filed a VL this Friday so we could spend time. As always, I am crossing my fingers that it'll push through.

What can I say? I would never exchange the surprise visit even for a billion dollars. I love my best bud :)
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