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Trying to Get in Shape Again!

It has been ages since I last hit the gym. After office, I finally tried out Accenture's gym at the head office in Makati Stock Exchange which is just a few minutes walk from where I'm based. Naturally, I was experiencing some difficulties during my third set of reps. Overall though, I think it was a good workout.

Only complaint is that due to recent cost cutting measures, the airconditioner of all buildings have been turned off at an earlier time. Unfortunately, including the gym. I think I got a bit suffocated so I had to stop earlier and had to breath some fresh air outside the building.

Some say the company offers better facilities at Cybergate but that's quite far from Makati and I only have time after office.

P.S. I miss the days during my grad days where I had time to visit our own gym and workout for free. Plus, seeing Joyce Jimenez hit the mits was enough to wake me up every morning ;)
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