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Jogging Anyone?

Ayala Triangle Park, Makati

With the advent of fun runs, triathlons, iron man events here in the Philippines, I finally took the initiative to schedule a jogging session every Tuesday and Thursday of the week with the rest of my teammates at the office(not that I intend to join one). It was before the Ondoy incident last September since I've been in the gym so I decided to try and get back in shape. Today was our first session and we were caught by surprise. The Ayala Triangle Park was jampacked with a lot of joggers at around 7:30 PM. I knew it was one of the 'in' thing nowadays. Just didn't realize that a lot has jumped on the bandwagon. At any rate, looking forward to the next one :-)

Other Venues for Jogging:
1) Greenhills w/c is near home.
2) Boni Highway Street @ The Fort

P.S. 3 rounds ain't bad for starters like me ;)
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